Centrifugal Pump Argal

Argal corrosive resistance centrifugal pumps or Chemical resistance pumps or Thermoplastic magnetic centrifugal pumps or Fiberglass reinforced pumps are using to handle corrosive liquid. The material of construction are thermoplastic polymer, and composite material

The application are for resistance of chemical or corrosive liquid, such as acid, alkali, waste water, sea water,…etc. The type can be either centrifugal pump, vertical sump pump and self priming pump,…etc. Seal system can be magnetic drive or mechanical sealed.

Thermoplastic Polymers Pumps

The ranges offered are the development of several projects conceived in the 35 years of activity. Argal centrifugal pumps are designed to operate in different condition of duty , fluids pumped and type of service; can be classified into two categories, process pumps or service pumps.

Mechanical sealed direct drive

argal centrigual pump model meccanica sez 350

In traditional pumps with mechanical drive the impeller is fixed on the extension of the motor shaft and the sealing between the pump body and the motor is obtained by the sliding rings of the mechanical seal. This construction mostly applies to liquids laden with solids in suspension for friction is limited to the sliding faces of the mechanical seal.

Sealless magnetic drive

argal pump Sealless magnetic drive

For clean liquids or liquids moderately laden with solids, the magnetic drive is preferred for the impeller sealed into the casing prevents any loss of liquid.

Drive is provided by the magnetic link existent between the permanent magnets embedded in the impeller and the permanent magnets carried by the magnet drive essay (drum external to the casing ) that rotates at the speed of the the shaft of the electric motor to which is mechanically mated to.

Long coupled or Close coupled


argal pump Long-coupled

With bearings housing and separate electric motor connected by mean of elasitc coupling and bolted to a common base plate.


argal pump Close-coupled

Monoblock with pump assy flange directly mated to the flange of the motor.