Condenser and Heat Exchanger AB Progetti

AB Progetti provide steam surface condenser, grand condenser, heat exchanger, vacuum system package, steam jet ejector, liquid to liquid ejector and thermos-compressor for power plant, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, pulse and paper, biochemical, sugar,….etc. industries

More than 70 years experience in steam jet ejector and vacuum systems manufacturing: from the past to the present we can give to our customers a continuous improving of reliability and product efficiency always on the safe side.

Our reference list includes customers designed vacuum systems for all the kind of plants:

  • for desalination purposes (both MED and MSF plants), where we are the leader, and where we supplied the vacuum systems for the biggest plants in the worlds
  • for refinery industries
  • for power and combined cycle plants
  • for energy plant environmentally correct, as incinerators plant
  • for nuclear plant; for urea, ammonia and fertilizers plants
  • for chemical plants with different final productions