Pipe Support Unison

Unison eTech provide pipe hangers, pipe supports, guides, shields and saddles such as spring hanger, constant hanger, cryogenic pipe support,…etc. for hanging and supporting of pipe and other equipment in oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, pulse and paper, food,…etc. industries .

Product Range

Variable Spring Hanger & Support

variable spring hanger support unison

  • Variable spring hangers provide economical support for piping systems with vertical thermal expansion.
  • This products is used where variation between the operating and installed loads can be tolerated.

Maximum Available Load : 40 tons

Constant Spring Hanger & Support

constant spring hanger support unison

  • Constant spring hangers assure perfectly constant support through the entire deflection of the pipe load.
  • This counter-balancing of the load and spring moments about the main pivot is obtained by the use of carefully designed compression type load springs, level, and spring tension rods.

Maximum Available Load : 40 tons

Rigid Hanger & Support

rigid hanger support unison

  • Be used in supporting only vertical load for pipe which does not have any movement
  • For Pressure Part, Normal Part

ROD Matric Screw Thread Size Selection: UET Standard

Sway Strut

sway strut unison

Sway struts provide double acting restraining forces along the axis of the strut due to thermal expansion or contraction.

Rigid struts form a rigid connection in the axial direction between the piping and the structure. As the rigid strut has articulated connection points, limited movement of the pipe is permitted within the angular movement of the struts without resistance.

Maximum Available Load: 54 tons

Hydraulic Snubber

hydraulic snubber unison

Hydraulic Snubbers restrain undesirable displacement of piping system or components when they are about to oscillate due to seismic or other types of dynamic loading, while, to allow their free movement during the thermal displacement mode.

Maximum Available Load: 100 tons

Cold Support

cold support unison

A cold shoe is a pipe support used for cryogenic applications where heat transferred to the surface is not desirable. A pipe anchor is a support used to anchor cryogenic pipes for axial, lateral, and rotational loads. These supports can be used for temperatures download to -196°C.

Application area: LPG, LNG Terminal, Petrochemical Plant

Main Material : 1) Polyurethan, 2) Compressed & shaped wood