Fire Pumps - Endsuction

Bristol end suction, split case, vertical inline , and vertical turbine are designed according to NFPA 20 for fire fighting applications. Some range are with UL/ FM certificate, This pump is designed with latest technology and has premium components for fast maintenance and absolute efficiency.

Bristol Fire Pump End Suction


  • Capacity: From 50 GPM up to 1000 GPM
  • From 40 MTR up to 160 MTR


  • Available in electric motor driven or engine driven configuration
  • Dynamic balanced impellers
  • Available in clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation to simplify pump
  • room layout
  • UL Certificate No. : Ex16459
Material Construction
  • Shaft : Stainless Steel
  • Casing : Ductile Iron
  • Impeller : Bronze
  • Shaft Seal : Packing Gland-Immersion Graphite


Fire pump end suction character


  • Discharge: Vertical Discharge on the center line
  • Wear Ring: Bronze - Is standard for the certified ANSI pumps Radially split casing with flanged connections
  • Bearing (Ind. & Out.): Deep Grooved Ball Bearing
  • Packing Gland: Immersion Graphite Rope
  • Shaft: Stainless Steel - Sleeve shaft as standard for extended seal life
  • Gland Cover: Bronze - to house a gland seal
  • Lantern Ring: Bronze - to keep packing lubricated
  • Impeller: Bronze - Enclosed impeller design ensures maximum efficiency
  • Suction: Horizontal End Suction ANSI 150# or 300# flange drilling is available based on material selection
  • Casing: Ductile Iron 65-45-12 - Heavy-duty power frame