Silencer and Dampener

Pulsco provide surge control, pulsation control and noise control to oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power,..etc. industries such as pulsation dampener, hydro-pneumatic surge control, bladder, noise silencer and sound enclosure

PULSCO products are in use around the world and in various aerospace, marine, and industrial applications. Below you will find some general information about our three major product lines.

Hydropneumatic Surge

PULSCO’s Hydropneumatic Systems are widely recognized by engineers, contractors and system users as the most dependable, predictable, safest and cost efficient form of surge protection available.

PULSCO, a pioneer of surge control and pulsation dampener methods of pressure transient and pulsation control, have a substantial history of proven performance since first installed in 1922.

Hundreds of Hydropneumatic Systems have been installed in a variety of sizes and configurations. Our experience and expertise generates high-performance designs and system improving results.


PULSCO’s Blowdown Industrial Vent Silencers and Line Silencers provide the solution to high intensity, broadband noise associated with pressure relief systems and gas/steam line turbulence.

PULSCO Vent and Line Silencers are designed and engineered as a system, specifically matched to a control valve system to reduce the overall cost for the valve and silencer package. An integrated system optimizes valve performance, reduces valve generated noise, reduces valve size and noise trim requirements and reduces costs of piping and valve systems. If a valve currently exists in the system, then PULSCO will match the silencer to the valve's operating parameters.


PULSCO was the first to develop Pulsation Dampener products that utilizes acoustic theory and techniques to attenuate pressure pulsation problems, thereby reducing acoustic noise and vibration. For over 50 years, PULSCO has used state-of-the-art design methods to thoroughly analyze compressor and piping systems.

PULSCO's team of engineers can determine the best solution and provide a custom design to improve system operation, control unwanted noise and protect hydraulic system equipment from damage caused by pressure pulsations generated from pumps or compressors a variety of industrial and military applications.