Static Mixer

Statiflo provide static mixer or motionless mixer or pipes and channel mixer use to mix two or more different fluid to the homogenized fluid.

Static Mixer Feature & Benefit

Feature & Benefits

Statiflo Motionless Mixers - in both pipes and channels - have many important process and financial benefits for our customers:

  • Highly efficient mixing
  • Chemical savings
  • Low energy consumption
  • No moving parts for maintenance free operation
  • No direct motive power required
  • No need for tanks in most cases
  • Ease of installation
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Totally enclosed pipe designs
  • Optional injectors and sample points
  • Available in all sizes
  • Available in a wide range of materials
  • Custom designed
  • Available worldwide

Highly efficient mixing

All Statiflo Static Mixers, for both pipes and channels, have been carefully designed to provide highly efficient mixing. Our range of products includes the most efficient designs currently available, as independently tested by BHR Ltd, in terms of the highest degree of mix in the shortest time and with the lowest energy consumption (pressure drop).

Chemical savings

Efficient mixing and high mixture quality reduces the consumption of dosed chemicals by eliminating the need to overdose to compensate for poor mixing.

Low energy consumption

Highly efficient mixing results in low energy consumption - low pressure drop in pipes or low headloss in channels. Statiflo Static Mixers are invariably installed in existing systems without reducing the capacity of existing pumps and, in most cases, can be installed on gravity flow systems. Statiflo Mixers will typically reduce power consumption by 90% when compared with dynamic mixers in stirred tanks.

No moving parts for maintenance free operation

Unlike dynamic mixers, Statiflo Static Mixers have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance free.

No direct motive power required

The energy required for mixing is efficiently extracted as pressure drop from the fluid flow through the elements. No electric motors and associated equipment are required

No need for tanks in most cases

Most mixing objectives can be achieved inline in pipes or in channels without the additional requirement for tanks. Short circuiting, commonly associated with tanks, is avoided.

Ease of installation

No special skills are required other than normal engineering pipework skills.

Minimal space requirement

Statiflo Static Mixers are both compact and efficient and, within reason, can be installed in the most restricted of spaces, including in bends in some cases.

Totally enclosed pipe designs

All Statiflo Static Mixers for pipe systems are totally enclosed and without the need for shaft seals necessary on stirred tanks. This virtually eliminates the risk of contamination both from and into the system. This feature is especially important when mixing dangerous and corrosive fluids and in the food and pharmaceutical industries where any amount of contamination cannot be tolerated.

Optional injectors and sample points

Integral injectors, both fixed and removable under pressure, and sample points are available for most mixers. Duty and standby designs are available. The short distance (and time) between integral injectors and sample points ensures the most responsive process control with minimum time lag.

Optional heat transfer jacket

In many processes, mixing and heat exchange are closely linked, especially for viscous and heat sensitive products.

Available in all sizes

Statiflo Static Mixers are available in all standard pipe sizes and, in the case of open channel designs, are available in any size with no upper limit.

Available in a wide range of materials

All Statiflo Static Mixers are available in all commercially available materials of construction.

Custom designed

Each Statiflo Static Mixer is carefully designed to meet the specific requirements of each application. For large installations, customer has the option to trade off OPEX with CAPEX - designs are available with low operating costs, but generally with high capital costs and vice versa.

Available worldwide

Statiflo, through its head office in the UK and its subsidiary companies in Germany, USA and Canada, together with its representatives in all major industrial areas throughout the world, is available to provide local technical support.