Self Priming Pumps

Victor Srl. is manufacturer of ANSI and ISO self - priming pump and internal gear pump for industries.

S 80 G31T+F

Victor pump close coupled

Cast iron pump with DN80 flanged ports and close coupled to the motor. Compact competitively priced and easy to use. Typically for non-heavy applications and intermittent use.

S 41 K57BBDe+F+2A

Victor pump Bi-Block

Stainless steel pump, width DN40 flanged ports, with elastic coupling mounted in the bracket with the IEC standard B5 motor.

S 40 G312BBDe+F+B+2A

Victor Bi-Block on base plate

Cast iron pump with DN40 flanged ports, Bi-Block version with electric motor, on base plate. Easy to install, heavy duty and safe. For fixed stations and continuous use.

S 51 K301SO

Victor pump with hydraulic motor

Stainless steel pump with 2" threaded ports ports. coupled to hydraulic motor. Normally used on trucks trailers.

S126 K312B+3A/XDe302

Victor pump classic

Stainless steel pump. with4" counter flanges for pipe welding. flexible coupling with guard and IEC standard B3 motor on baseplate. Traditional build. heavy duty for many applications.

S 40 G31M+SB

Victor pump carrying frame

Cast iron pump with 1½ threaded ports, close coupled with 230 V single-phase motor; on/off switch, motor protection, and cable with Schuko plug. Mounted on a carrying frame: compact and transportable.

S 66 K30BBDe+TV+SX+3A

Victor pump 4 wheeled trolley for flat ground

Stainless steel pump with 2" threaded ports, Bi-Block build with electric cable, on/off switch, with 4-wheeled trolley suitable for flat ground.