Progressive Pump Sunbo

Sunbo provide progressive pumps for delivering aggresive, abrasive, thick, or solid-filled slurries through a piping system. Sunbo also provide horizontal and vertical slurry pumps, sump pump, gravel pump, dredge pump, forth pump, FGD pump, drilling pump and transportation pump to serve mining, construction, metallurgy, power plants, sewage and water treatment, dredging, as well as chemical and petroleum industry.

Applications for all hydraulic transportation, such as grinding circuits, tailings disposal, filter, dredging, hydro cyclone feed and general slurry transfer dealing.

sunbo slurry pump

Slurry Pump Assembly

Slurry Pump Assembly is also a very important process in the whole pump production process. Sunbo Pump owns eleven Assembly Engineers who has more than 10 years experience. We do every step 100% strictly of the standard NPB2103-96 and NPB064-1998, so to keep the complete pump good performance and long life time.


Spart Part in Stock

Sunbo Pumps has big quantity spare parts in stock, to meet each client urgent request and shorten the delivery lead time. We have Impeller, Volute Liner, Throathbush, FPL from 1" to 14" in stock. Also, Drive End spare parts in stock too. eg: shaft, bearing, Shaft Spacer, Bearing Housing, Piston Ring... and all other rubber Seals and O-Rings.

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