Rapture Disc FDC

Fine Disc or FDC is Korean manufacturer provide rupture disc, explosion vent, explosion panel, emergency relief hatch and N2 blanketing system for process plant. Rupture disc include reverse buckling type, composite dome type, composite flat type and scored type constructed according ASME Section VIII Div I, ISO 6718, ISO 4216-2-6 and API RP 520. Explosion Panel is conformed to NFPA 68.

fdc rupture disc

Rupture Disc can be used

  • In case of a rapid in pressure
  • In case that there is any concern that fixtures cause other safety device malfunction
  • In case that any leakage is no permitted
  • In case that it contains strong corrosive fluid
  • In case that it requires large relieving capacity in an instant by polymerization and so on
  • In case of severe sercice conditions such as high or low temperature


  • Special material and structure (wide array for the selection of materials)
  • Instantaneous release of maximum capacity
  • Extensive service environment (strong corrosive fluid, temperature, liquid, gas, power, etc.)