Blower FPZ

FPZ is an Italian manufacturer of side channel blower or ring blower or Turbo or vortex or regenerative blower. It include single impeller single stage, twin impeller single stage, single impeller double stage and twin impeller double stage side channel blower. Its use in industrial installation, water and waste treatment installation, food processing installation, pharmaceutical installation, aerospace installation, textile installation, medical to environmental installation.

How Blower Work

fpz blower

Blower have an impeller blade mounted inside a housing. As air passes the inlet port, impeller blades draw air in and acceelerate the air outward and forward. As each impeller blade strikes it, the air moves faster and faster. At the base of the housing an air stripper diverts the air out of the housing reducing the speed and then increasing the pressure.

Standard Design

The standard FPZ design is a direct drive configuration, with a dynamically balance impeller fitted directory on the motor shaft. Fitted motors are 2-pole, 1 or 3 phase, rated for continuous service. Standard motors utilize class F insulation, are suitable for use with a variable speed drive (3 phase only), and are tropicalized for corrosion resistance. Single or two stage options are pictured above.

fpz blower design

fpz blower gvr gor design

GOR / GVR Design

"GOR / GVR" designs utilize a standard nema (or metric) electric motor that is directly coupled to the blower shaft. This direct coupled design allows the use of specialty motors that may be required to meet a variety of electrical requirements. For some models the vacuum / pressure capabilities can be increased with this GOR / GVR design


Variety of applications: from commercial to industrial installations, in food processing to pharmaceuticals, from textiles to aerospace, in medical applications to environmental.

fpz blower for application


Advantages of side channel blowers

  • Compact execution
  • Simple concept
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Modular design
  • Pulsation and oil free air